"We don't need art to live, but we need it to feel alive"

Originally from France, Magali Feuga is a visual artist based on the Sunshine Coast – Australia since 2018.

Born in New Caledonia, she was raised on a sailing boat and spent her childhood travelling around the world. In addition to being a professional sailor, her father was an accomplished painter and sculptor and has transmitted his passion to her. Growing up in this open-minded environment where creativity has always been encouraged, Magali has early on valued art as a means to express herself and connect with others.

Back in France, she spent two years improving her artistic skills at the EMAP Villa Thiole in Nice. Still wanting to discover the world, she then shifted to a different professional path and has had a successful career as a travelling private Chef for nearly two decades. She has found a lot of similarities between cooking and painting and has never stopped creating over the years. Settling down in Australia gave her the perfect opportunity to return her entire focus to her passion for making art.

Magali since thrives in sharing her creations and bringing emotions to people through her art. Her work has been showcased in multiple exhibitions and she has been finalist in several Art Prizes. She passionately and purposely works on developing her body of work and keep growing as an artist.

During her travels, she has discovered to be more attracted and attached to people than to places. This strong interest has led her to have the human figure occupying the leading role in most of her paintings. Driven by this enduring fascination, Magali finds a constant source of inspiration in capturing individuals, both representationally and emotionally.    

Faces are like windows that convey emotions and tell stories. A portrait is not just an image of someone. It is also about feelings and thoughts. To paint people is to spend time understanding what it means to be human, and most importantly, to understand how the outside facade can both reveal and conceal what is inside. Alike a writer, I love to give life to unique characters but in an apparent form and I feed on the fantastic energy occurring when painting another human being. Whether inspired by physical and spiritual beauty, femininity, or cultural diversity; human emotions and their visual representation are a recuring theme in my work.”

Remaining unbound to a single methodology, she mixes genres, techniques, and mediums to create personal and expressive artworks. Including references from the Renaissance or Expressionism movements, her work also borrows elements from graphic design and Street art. She particularly appreciates to play with imageries that can catch the attention and provoke thoughts.

As she progresses in her artistic journey, she tends to focus more on the energy and visual impact of her work rather than on the rational depiction of the subject. This approach leaves room to interpretation and gives more freedom to her creative process, allowing unconventional and original results. Magali is interested in visuality as a form of language and communication. A filtered way of seeing reality which is unique to each of us and is celebrated through art.



Soul Sugar, solo exhibition, The Old Ambulance Station, Nambour QLD



Eclectica, group exhibition, Butter Factory Arts Center, Cooroy QLD

Sculpture On The Edge, finalist exhibition, Flaxton Garden QLD

Pop Culture, group exhibition, Et Al Gallery, Sandgate QLD                  

Mary Valley Art Festival, Imbil QLd

Be Still, group exhibition, Stevens Street Gallery, Yandina QLD

Kenilworth Art Fest, Kenilworth QLD

Sunshine Coast Open Studios, Sunshine Coast QLD 

Incognito Art Show, Surrey Hills NSW

Rustle, group exhibition, Aspire Gallery, Brisbane QLD

The Neu Neu, group exhibition, Red Hill Gallery, Brisbane QLD

Emerging Artists Prize, finalist exhibition, Revival Art & Design Gallery, Brisbane QLD

Featured artist, Tiny Tree Gallery, Cleveland QLD

Seeing The Soul, group Exhibition, Cooroy Butter Factory Arts Centre, Cooroy QLD

Fiercely Feminine, group Exhibition, Art Lovers Australia, Gold Coast, QLD



Life On Life’s Terms, Art Show, Brisbane QLD

Face To Face, solo exhibition, Pomona Railway Station, Pomona QLD

Sunshine Coast Open Studios, Sunshine Coast QLD

Featured artist, Stevens Street Gallery, Yandina QLD

Dean Cogle Portrait Prize, finalist exhibition, Currumbin Waters QLD

Immanuel Art Festival, Immanuel Lutheran College, Buderim QLD

Incognito Art Show, Surrey Hills NSW

Kenilworth Art Fest, Kenilworth QLD

Mary Valley Art Festival, Imbil QLD



Featured artist, Stevens Street Gallery, Yandina QLD

Life On Life’s Terms, Art Show, Brisbane QLD

Stand Still, group exhibition, Aspire Gallery, Paddington QLD

Nature’s Beauty, group exhibition, Aspire Gallery, Paddington QLD


2023 Finalist Sculpture On The Edge

2023 Salon des refusés – Lethbridge 20000 Art Award

2023 Finalist The Doyles Art Award

2023 Finalist Revival Art & Design Emerging Artist Art Prize

2023 Salon des refusés – John Villiers Outback Art Prize

2022 Highly Commended Award – Kenilworth Art Fest

2022 Winner – Mary Valley Art Festival / Landscape category

2022 Finalist Dean Cogle Portrait Prize

2022 Salon des refusés- Lethbridge 20000 Art Award

2021 Salon des refusés – Lethbridge 20000 Art Award


Hello Sunshine Magazine – 2023 Winter Issue


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